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Scout’s biopsy results came back today and the oncologist is confident that she should be cancer free!  YAY!  It was a neurofibrosarcoma, does not involve bone and should be completely removed.  I’m so relieved.  Scout’s general recovery continues to go well.  We are so fortunate and I am so grateful for how well everything has gone to date.  I have been worrying for no reason.  For example: Yesterday, day 7, I thought I would try letting her out of the tent for a bit because I was worried she was depressed.  While in the tent she spends most of her time laying down with a blank stare.  She gets up to use the little box and eat but then flops over and stares.  In between working I crawl in as much as I can to cuddle and she purrs but she’s pretty lazy the rest of the time.  That’s what we want.  Right?  So I let her out so she has an idea that the tent is temporary and the rest of her home is still here.  And she is all over the place.  Running around like a mad woman.  She goes right up to her new stairs onto the bed and back down again.  Checks out the kitchen, the bathroom, goes back inside the tent for a snack and back out to lay on the living room rug.  Everything was fine.  Well until she started crawling through bookshelves, knocking things over and trying to fall off of everything.  So back into the tent she went to finish her healing.  We’ve backed off to meds every 9 hours yesterday and it’s going just fine so tomorrow we’re trying to back to every 10 hours.  I’m monitoring her closely to make sure it’s not too soon.


I was prepared for Scout to ignore the new bed I bought her but she is loving it.

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7 Comments to “Cancer Free!”

  1. paws120 says:

    That is fantastic news! Omc she has just done so well 😸😺😸
    And you have totally rocked this rehab!
    I think she showed you that she’s ready to rock her new life too, once she is more healed. W
    Way to go!!😘
    This is just the best news, you made my night 💕💖💕

    Jackie and Huck ❤️

  2. jerry says:

    Super wonderful news guys, we sure needed this around here!

    Smooches and scritches to Scout, keep on healin’!

  3. arynzmuse says:

    You GO Scout!!! Rock your recovery and three-legged catness!!! Chin scratches for you, keep being amazing!

  4. benny55 says:

    Love hearing great news like this!!😎 YAY FOR SCOUT!!!

    I looked how Happy Scout was to be out of the tent! Clearly it lifted her spirits tremendously! Such a great visual of her checking out everything, especiallygpingnup and down the stairs to her bed.

    And that photo of her all snuggled in her kitty bed.

    This update made my day😁

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too

  5. Purrkins says:

    CONGRATS! That is the best news! Cancer free WHO HOO!
    Worrying is part of this journey! Welcome to the club of worriers!

    I love her new bed do you mind sharing the name?

    Lazy is what you want, BUT again she is a kitty and just limiting her activity as best you can and precisely what you are doing is excellent!

    I had Purrkins in the spare bedroom and added things in for him to do as recovery went along. When it was time to let him be free he did the same, he went everywhere. You are both doing fantastic!

    You got this, and soon the tent can be history. I would leave it out even when it is not needed for a little bit just in case Scout wants to continue to go in it.

    Fantastic on her pain meds so pleased to see she is doing so well!
    Meds make the difference and Scout is the purrfect example!
    Chin scratches to Scout!!
    Holly & Purrkins❤️

    • scoutkitty says:

      The pet bed is from target, Hooded Cat & Dog Bed – Boots & Barkley

      I tried letting her out for a little while again yesterday where she almost immediately jumped onto the dining room table and then nosedived off. Back in the tent where she will stay until we meet with her vet tomorrow for suture removal and general progress report. Silly kitty.

      • Purrkins says:

        Thank you duh me I should have figured target haha, of course, your fun target trip! I will have to schedule a fun trip too;)

        I have pet stairs at the dining room table:) I know LOL, But it works and no jumping up and down but using steps. I placed them in areas Purrkins goes that would require jumping up and down. He uses them all.

        Something to think about it will significantly reduce the strain on her front leg coming down. Going up isn’t a problem as you will see and going down they can do but we should try to protect that remaining front leg and Scout will see this is easier for her and use them. You can use furniture or boxes to tier things to a gradual down less stress on that front leg. You can use treats to train her it won’t take much, and if you place them in the right spots, she will use them.

        You have only just started to see silly kitty they hop on and think no different with one less limb honestly! Purrkins gives me a scare usually once a day at least he isn’t scared he does what he wants to do;)

        Suture removal you are going to see more Scout! Here is to a general GREAT Pawgress and no tents;)

        Hugs & scratches to Miss Scout!
        Holly & Purrkins❤️

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