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As I type this I am in the tent with Scout.  So far so good on the recovery front.  She’s eating a little, drinking a little and mostly laying around.  She is sleeping less than she did yesterday but is still not very active which is a good thing.  I want her to heal up as best she can so she can get back to having the run of the apartment.  We’ve been doing her warm compresses and the incision is still looking good.  Last night I was nervous about going to sleep with only the onesie so I switched her to a comfy cone over night.  It wasn’t her favorite thing but she tolerates it much better than the inflatable donut.  She really hates the inflatable collar.


I was worrying yesterday because she wasn’t getting the hang of moving around on 3 legs.  After a few hops to food or litter she quickly rolled over in defeat.  Today I can tell an improvement and it’s a reminder to be patient and she will eventually figure it out.  Her little voice box is broken and it’s so sad.  I don’t know if it’s due to the trauma of the last few days or just plain exhaustion but she sounds like a squeak toy when she tries to speak to me.  Sometimes she doesn’t even make noise when she meows, just mouths it.


Here’s hoping for another uneventful day of rest and recovery!

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3 Comments to “Day 2 home. Day 4 as a tripawd.”

  1. Purrkins says:

    I can promise you she will get the hang of this! Yep be patient I know it is not easy to do. I was beside myself with Purrkins the first day and his flopping and face planting. It took Purrkins 3 days home to find his legs 4th day to get in the litter box on his own. It sounds like she is doing great to me. Remember Scout is a little older kitty she might take a little longer to get her feet she may not but rest assured she will ok!

    Eating, drinking and going potty is all that is important right now & keeping her meds in and keeping her comfy.

    Her voice might be from surgery and being put under? I did not have that experience with Purrkins. So I cant say.

    We did not have any problems with Purrkins getting to his incision with the onesie on. That is no guarantee you won’t just sharing our experience. Keep doing what you are doing we know our kitties best you are both doing great!!

    Hugs, Holly & Purrkins❤️
    Chin & ear scratch to sweet Scout!

  2. benny55 says:

    Being patient is soooooooo j ard, but this is sooooooo early in recovery!!! The fact that she is resting comfortably is good.

    Ditto Purkins. Scout will get the hang of things.

    Having that to be down her throat during surgery could definitely irritate her. I would let the Vet know in case he has any suggestions ro soothe her esophagus

    Any yummy foods She’ll eat, even if it’s jist a little bit, is an improvement!

    Lots of hugs
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too

  3. arynzmuse says:

    Yay for rest and eating a bit! Sounds like you’re on it and heading in the right direction. Healing thoughts!

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